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VirusBarrier X9

Mac Antivirus Protection for Business

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  • Antivirus protection from Mac and Window’s malware
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Real time scanning for 24/7 protection
  • Automatic scans and updates
  • Easy set up and configuration for non-technical Mac users
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Macs Need Antivirus Protection Software, Just Like Any Other Computer

Mac users have been misled by the common myth that “Macs can’t get viruses,” and that antivirus software is unnecessary. The reality is all machines are vulnerable, and devious cyber-criminals use a variety of malware that threatens Macintosh computers. Worse yet, they’re not just targeting Macs—they’re after your sensitive personal information and your money. You can protect your Mac and your precious data with Intego VirusBarrier, the award-winning Mac antivirus software.
Real-Time Antivirus with Automatic Scans Keep You Covered 24/7
Intego VirusBarrier provides real-time antivirus protection for Macs, and scans files whenever they’re accessed to keep your Mac free of malware. Our Mac antivirus software automatically checks for the latest updates to make sure you’re protected against the newest threats.
Antivirus protection against both Mac and PC malware
Intego VirusBarrier not only protects you from existing Mac threats, it detects PC-based malware so you don’t spread infected files to friends, family, or work colleagues.
We know Macs. Our competitors don't.
We build our antivirus software from the ground up for macOS and Mac OS X—and we’ve been doing it that way since we started in 1997. Our award-winning, highly trusted security products are the optimum solutions for protecting, cleaning, and organizing Macs.
Use a PC? We’ll protect that too.
Lots of households have both Windows-based PCs and Macs. To ensure that both have complete antivirus protection, select our Dual Protection option and get Windows coverage as well.
Our new interface keeps it simple
As Mac lovers, we prefer software of great simplicity. Mac applications should be effective, straightforward and unobtrusive, and that’s exactly how we designed all of our security software to operate—the way Macs are designed.
Antivirus protection for iPhone and iPad
Intego VirusBarrier scans and detects malicious files received via email on your iOS devices whenever they’re plugged into your computer, and prevents your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from passing malware to other computers.
Product Details
VirusBarrier X9 Details
  • Keeps your computer free of malware such as Mac viruses, Windows viruses, Unix viruses, Microsoft Word and Excel macro viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, adware, hacking tools, dialers, keyloggers, and scareware (fake security programs)
  • Detects Windows malware to prevent your Mac from acting as a carrier
  • On-demand malware scans, including full scans for maximum coverage of your entire Mac as well as quick scans for day-to-day use
  • Scheduled scans
  • 24/7 real-time protection that watches all file activity and makes sure you’re always protected
  • Finds malware contained in archive files
  • Scans for viruses in emails for popular email clients
  • Scans for viruses on iOS devices and finds/eradicates viruses found in document directories on the devices
  • Automatically scans external drives when they are mounted
  • Flexible options for handling malware (automatically attempt to repair, quarantine malware for later action, or ask what to do on a case-by-case basis)
  • Marks trusted folders to speed up scans
  • High-performance antivirus quickly scans with a light footprint
  • Email notifications when malware is found
  • Mac antivirus history logs
System Requirements

Compatible with macOS Monterey!

Operating System Supported

  • Compatible with macOS 10.12 - macOS 12

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Any officially-supported macOS compatible computer
  • 1.5 GB of available hard disk space
  • Internet connection required for NetUpdate security updates


  • English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish

Mac Internet Security X9


ContentBarrier Secure X9

Mac Washing Machine

Mac Washing Machine Secure X9
Mac Security
Protects against malware, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, and rootkits
Protects against both Mac and PC malware
Dual protection version for customers who use Windows and Macs
Scans iOS devices for malware
Scans external devices for malware
Protects against network attacks and unknown devices via a sophisticated firewall
Protects against suspicious applications
Mac Performance & Utility
Increases performance by reclaiming disk space
Monitors application bandwidth
Backs up your essential files and data
Synchronizes files between two Macs for updating
Creates a bootable backup on an external hard drive
Clears caches to save space on your Mac
Eliminates unnecessary system files
Find and removes duplicate files
Organizes desktop files
Organizes dock for frequently used applications
Creates smart folders for quick access to your most important files
Privacy & Identity Protection
Blocks rogue applications from accessing the network
Blocks applications from accessing specific domains
Parental Control
Blocks or filters objectionable web content
Time of day restrictions on network access
Monitors/blocks chats
Monitors/restricts applications
Provides chat and web history
Records screenshots and keystrokes
Blocks inappropriate emails
Blocks peer-to-peer activity
Offers remote Web Admin Console access
Custom user configuration allows you to tailor different accounts for each user
Convenience & Support
Built specifically for the Mac by Mac experts
Clean, easy-to-use interface
Free technical support
Automatic updates for protection against the latest threats, so you always stay secure


  • Antivirus protection from Mac and Window’s malware
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Real time scanning for 24/7 protection
  • Automatic scans and updates
  • Easy set up and configuration for non-technical Mac users
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